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Step-by-step procedure & proper tools

This piano tuning blog is a companion to our How to Tune a Piano Yourself tutorial. In this blog we expand on the tutorial with new information and perspectives on do-it-yourself piano tuning. If it is your first time here, visit the tutorial first.

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April, 2015
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January, 2013
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December, 2012
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August, 2012
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July, 2012
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June, 2012
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May, 2012
· The Fluid Piano (Piano Tuning)
· Recommended Books on Piano Tuning (Piano Tuning)
· When Unisons Are Not Tuned in Unison (Piano Tuning)
March, 2012
· The End of the Piano Tuner…or Not? (Piano Tuning)
· List of Bands Named After Piano Tuners (General Piano & Music)
February, 2012
· Self-Tuning Piano (General Piano & Music)
· The Oldest Piano Shop in Paris (General Piano & Music)
January, 2012
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December, 2011
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· Piano made of buttons (General Piano & Music)
· Piano Tuners: #1 in Customer Satisfaction (General Piano & Music)
November, 2011
· Piano on Elephant Mountain (General Piano & Music)
· Lost Work of Beethoven Found (General Piano & Music)
· To Tune or Not to Tune: Why you should/should not tune your own piano (Piano Tuning)
October, 2011
· Tuning with Korg OT-120 (Piano Tuning)
· Splicing a Piano String: First Attempt (Piano Tuning)
July, 2011
· Eleven Tips from Owen Jorgensen for Piano Tuning Stability (Piano Tuning)
June, 2011
· Pop-up Piano Tuner (General Piano & Music)
May, 2011
· Tuning Gershwin's Piano (General Piano & Music)
· Why is it called a tuning "hammer?" (Piano Tuning)
· Impact Tuning Levers (Piano Tuning)
April, 2011
· Musician Breakthrough from HearAndPlay (General Piano & Music)
· T-handle Piano Tuning Levers (Piano Tuning)
February, 2011
· Piano Tuning a Dying Art? (General Piano & Music)
January, 2011
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· DIY Piano Tuning thread at Piano World (Running this Website)
December, 2010
· Hello (Piano) World! (Running this Website)
· Welcome to the DIY Piano Tuning Blog (Running this Website)