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Banana Piana

Hey, it's a piano made of bananas! Actually it's a keyboard made of bananas, attached to a synthesizer of some sort, as you can see in the video. The excitement here isn't the music being made. The key to the excitement is in the bananas themselves. This banana piano uses a Makey Makey, a new device that turns everyday objects into touch inputs for an electronic device. The objects must be conductive, but other than there's no limit--fruit, cats, even play-dough.

The MaKey MaKey was developed by students at MIT with the assistance of Kickstarter funding. The central element is a circuit board with the necessary instructions, attached by USB to the target device. Alligator clips attach to the bananas or whatever object is going to be the input. It is designed to be quick and easy to set up, so that the work can quickly begin for developing innovative input devices. Imagine a beachball as a game controller for a person with limited hand movement from cerebral palsy. Or a classroom where the actual objects provide feedback, rather than being images on a computer screen. Or, of course, performance art with fruit! Once you can play a piano with bananas, they sky is the limit.

For more on MakeyMakey, check out their website.



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