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List of Bands Named After Piano Tuners

I have compiled for you a complete list of all bands named after piano tuners:

1. The Marshall Tucker Band

There you go!

The story goes that the band members were searching for a name in their early days. The key to the warehouse space they were renting had the name "Marshall Tucker" on it. They eventually learned that Mr. Tucker was a blind piano tuner who had previously rented the space.

The Marshall Tucker Band is a long-standing country group from South Carolina. They have been active since the 1960s, and have recently recorded a new studio album. They have five gold records and one platinum. Their biggest hit single is 1977's "Heard It In a Love Song," covered recently by Mark Chestnutt.

That's all the bands named after piano tuners that I have found so far. Should you know of another, drop me a line.



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