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Musician Breakthrough from HearAndPlay

Here's an announcement for gospel musicians: Musician Breakthrough from HearAndPlay. HearAndPlay says this is the first such program for gospel musicians. It features seven "West Coast" pro musicians in a unique format. Each musician covers five styles of church worship: Praise, Worship, Shouting, Transitional, and Traditional.

This is a brand new, just-released program. It includes 35 segments, over 16 hours in total. Free Video clips of each musician playing one of the worship styles are available on the page, with examples from each category.

I'm not much of a piano player myself, but I do rely heavily on hearing rather than reading for what I do play. This series is set up very well for that style of learning. Very clear visually, with lots of spoken explanation of what the musician is doing. If you are a by-the-ear player, this looks pretty good.

This is a sponsored link, but I don't want to waste your time with poor quality links. Check it out for yourself, and tell me what you think. The click is free!



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