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This piano tuning blog is a companion to our How to Tune a Piano Yourself tutorial. In this blog we expand on the tutorial with new information and perspectives on do-it-yourself piano tuning. If it is your first time here, visit the tutorial first.

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Organ Tuner at Work

Here's a nice video of an organ tuner at work. "John Ball, a tech with Miller Pipe Organ Company in Louisville, Ky., talks about what it's like to tune an organ and how he got started in the business." Organs are very sensitive to temperature, so the room and organ itself needs to be at a typical operating temperature. Notice how the small pipes are tuned with a collar. He taps the collar with what looks like a metal bar. He never touches a pipe with his bare hand. Same for the big pipes...gloves only, if at all. The large pipes apparently have a special tuning feature rather than the simple collar. I also see what appears to be ribbons tied around some of the larger pipes, I presume to help him keep track of where he's at in that forest of tubes! Easy to get lost, I'm sure. It takes two people to tune an organ--it's a long reach from the keyboard to the pipes. Piano tuners have it easy. On the other hand, there's little to no inharmonicity in an organ.

via WTSP Tampa Bay News 10