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Piano made of buttons

Perhaps I should add a new category to the blog: piano as art. The piano is certainly visually iconic, a symbol of the modern age beginning with the industrial revolution. Such an icon naturally finds itself in art, in some surprising ways. Our blog may be mostly about tuning, but it's also a tribute to the piano as a whole. Seriously, who would go to the trouble of tuning a piano if you didn't love pianos to begin with?

But I digress. This latest piano-as-art entry is a piano made entirely of buttons and strings! It has sort of a science fiction feel, like a piano materializing in a Star Trek transporter. Or the graphics of the Matrix movies. Or, maybe an abacus. It certainly gets both brain hemispheres firing trying to sort it out. And imagine having to tune all those strings, ha, ha, I slay myself.

This piano is part of a larger installation of button-and-string works by Augusto Esquivel at Art Miami. He has many common objects created in this unusual medium. See more of his work at his website. The photograph in this post comes from a blog post by Alice at Modern Metropolis. More details on how he constructed the piano are there, too.