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Piano Tuning a Dying Art?

Is piano tuning a dying art? This particular story is from Australia, but it likely applies to the US and the rest of the world.

From the story at ABCNews Australia:
The lack of suitably qualified or experienced employees is a common lament among Australian businesses these days. But for those trained in the fine art of piano tuning and restoring, it's become a theme song as they look to try and pass on their businesses on to the next generation.

It goes on to say that the explosion of electronic keyboards hit the acoustic piano market hard over the last few decades. Not unexpectedly, piano technician training programs downsized in anticipation. However, the reduction in career interest has outpaced the actual shrinking of the piano market. In fact the new market has stabilized, and plenty remain in use. The existing piano tuners and technicians have more than enough work, but without apprentices to take their places.

If you are interested in tuning pianos, it sounds like a good time to get into the business.

Read the full story at ABCNews Australia.

Image adapted from Wikimedia Commons /Jeramey Jannene. Used under CC attribution license.



Oscar Leaver 03/21/11

We are piano tuners and restorers and we agree, there is a great shortage in the industry -

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