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Pop-up Piano Tuner

I am not aware of very many, if any, paintings or other art of piano tuners. Despite their importance, these artisans remain behind the scenes while the piano players and composers get all the glory. Yet, here we have not just a painting of a piano tuner, but a painting of a piano tuner painted ON the piano! More photos after the break.

A fundraiser called "Sing for Hope Pop-Up Pianos" has selected 88 artists to create works on 88 actual pianos being installed on the streets of New York City for a few weeks in the summer of 2011. The pianos will eventually be auctioned to raise funds for the Sing for Hope charity. Scott Glaser, an artist in Westport, Connecticut, is painting a trompe l'oeil of a piano tuner, Fred Patella, in action tuning the piano. (A trompe l'oeil is a very realistic style that seeks to appear three dimensional.) I afraid I don't know anything about Mr. Patella, but he must be quite accomplished to be so honored.

Update July 2, 2011: The event has taken place, and pics of the completed piano are available. For the source of these photos and a follow-up article on the project, visit Pop-Up Pianos Come to Bed-Stuy (Article accessed July 2, 2011). Both photos are credit: Willy Staley. The piano also has its own page at the Sing for Hope site.

Props to artist Glaser to bring a little glory to piano tuners!

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Update: December 2, 2011: A new Pop-up Piano event is taking place in December 2011 in Miami. I don't know if any piano tuners are featured, but here's the news.



David 06/11/12

Check out the film "Pianomania" about Stephan Knüpfer, about a virtuoso piano tuner from Steinway & Sons (

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