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The Oldest Piano Shop in Paris

Partial screen cap from the movie of a piano parts store in Paris

Meet Marc Manceaux, owner of the oldest piano shop in Paris. He sells piano parts, mostly scavenged from disassembled old pianos. He seems to live life on a different channel from most of us. Immersed in his sea of pianos (title of the film, ha!), he dreams of boats. As long as he has "water, a candle, a hardback book and an old piano," he knows he is still "alive." From a piano tuning perspective, I find it interesting that he sells fewer piano parts each year. He figures he has about 8 to 10 years of business left. I wonder about the implications for the piano tuning and technician professions. There's still plenty of pianos out there to tune. However, the piano is no longer a must-have accessory for the middle class. The decline may be gradual, as old pianos take a long time to die, but a decline it is. Marc, at least, seems to be at peace with that.

La Mer de Pianos from Films & Things on Vimeo.



Yamaha Piano Broughton Pianos 08/15/14

I have seen this video. You are doing a great job in selling the pianos. People take time to invest a big amount. Keep going and keep share your experiences.

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