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Tuning Gershwin's Piano

From the "Curious Piano Tuning Stories" file: A piano tuner is called to tune (what he is told) George Gershwin's piano, many years after Gerswin's death. Inside, he finds a wadded paper. He inadvertently kept the paper, but did not know it. Years later, he finds the paper, but did not immediately recall its origin. He discovers that the wadded paper has a few notes of a melody written on it. He writes a tune based on those notes, and adds lyrics. Only later does it dawn on him where that paper came from. The question is, who does the tune "belong" to--Gershwin, or the tuner? Now that's not an easy question! He can't prove the tune is Gershwin's. He no longer has the paper, and the Gershwin family trust turned everything Gershwin over to the Library of Congress. His offers to turn over the copyright have gone unacknowledged! What would you do?

Story source LA Times. Gershwin illustration by Scott Detwiler, based on image from Wikimedia Commons.



percussion 06/13/11

The piano tuner did try to turn it over and was apparently ignored. I think the library is not interested cause it is not "pure" perhaps?

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