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This piano tuning blog is a companion to our How to Tune a Piano Yourself tutorial. In this blog we expand on the tutorial with new information and perspectives on do-it-yourself piano tuning. If it is your first time here, visit the tutorial first.

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New Piano Tuning Infographic

We have introduced a new visual aid to our main page, our piano tuning tutorial. We have summarized the basic steps of piano tuning into a helpful infographic. It is only a summary, and overview, an outline...the infographic is woefully lacking in sufficient detail to actually enable one to tune a piano. To begin tuning with just this graphic is like attempting brain surgery after reading about the procedure in a blog post. For all the very important details, be sure to read the other 5000 words on the tutorial page! I produced it because it is always helpful to have a road map. When I first explored piano tuning, no such outline existed. Piano tuning has accumulated two hundred years of lore. Sometimes tuning authors are so caught up in the lore, that the essential steps get lost. That's what I found when I started. This website is my way of explaining the process in terms anyone can understand. It has evolved as my own understanding has increased. Our new infographic is just one more step in that evolution. Okay, we're getting longwinded here. For your enjoyment, here's the full sized piano tuning infographic. Click it to be taken to the tutorial.

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