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This piano tuning blog is a companion to our How to Tune a Piano Yourself tutorial. In this blog we expand on the tutorial with new information and perspectives on do-it-yourself piano tuning. If it is your first time here, visit the tutorial first.

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Tuning Apps Reach a Veteran Tuner

I came across this story about, Dennis Gibbons, a 40-year veteran piano tuner at the Chicago Tribune. It is a nice story which you can read for yourself. But one thing that struck me is that he's using a tuning app on his smart phone to do his work! As Mr. Gibbons says, "It's still basically the same process, but there are some electronics that are relatively new," he said. "They haven't replaced the tuning fork; they have supplemented the tuning fork."

While I like the dedicated chromatic tuner, a glorified tuning fork, for its simple interface, there certainly is a lot of capability that apps can bring to tuning. I can't get a clear look at the actual app he's using, but indeed it's an app. We have highlighted some tuning apps in our post, Software Tuners for Piano Tuning.

Image from Chicago Tribune