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This piano tuning blog is a companion to our How to Tune a Piano Yourself tutorial. In this blog we expand on the tutorial with new information and perspectives on do-it-yourself piano tuning. If it is your first time here, visit the tutorial first.

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New Piano Tuning Infographic

We have introduced a new visual aid to our main page, our piano tuning tutorial. We have summarized the basic steps of piano tuning into a helpful infographic. It is only a summary, an overview, a mere outline...frankly, the infographic is woefully lacking in sufficient detail to actually enable one to tune a piano. To begin tuning with just this graphic is like attempting brain surgery after reading about the procedure in a blog post. For all the very important details, be sure to read the other 5000 words on the tutorial page! See the full-sized graphic below the break or on the tutorial page.

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On Piano Tuning and Wikipedia

If you came here from wikipedia, you may have noticed a rather peculiar page on this website, a text-only version of our main How to Tune Your Piano tutorial, with a "Welcome Wikipedia" message at the top. The reason why it is here is an interesting commentary on both Wikipedia and Piano Tuning.

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DIY Piano Tuning thread at Piano World

Currently there's an active, long thread at Piano World about DIY tuning: Piano World that was started by someone (not me) linking to our piano tuning tutorial. It's a pretty level-headed discussion of the pros and cons by people in both camps.


Hello (Piano) World!

From time to time, this site gets referenced at the Piano World forums or other places. Reviews, as always, are mixed. Some people there like this site, others express concern.

Piano World is simply the best piano-focused forum out there, especially for technicians and tuners. As a rule, though, I avoid posting at Piano World, even in my defense. I am not a professional tuner. I do not want to appear self-promoting. I browse the forums to learn, not to lead. I save responses for my own website. Even so, I welcome the visitors who may arrive here from any external link. Feel free to comment; I am always looking for ways to improve this site. Short of deleting it, of course.

On the other hand, I respectfully ask that visitors please read the whole piano tuning tutorial. Don't just look a picture or read a paragraph. This site has been up for quite a while, and chances are that somewhere I have addressed many concerns that are commonly raised even by professionals. If I have missed something, then let me know.


Welcome to the DIY Piano Tuning Blog

Welcome to the DIY Piano Tuning Blog!

Since 2003 this website has been providing information for those interested in tuning their own pianos. You can read all about that on the main site, beginning with the home page How to Tune Your Piano.

I have been expanding and clarifying the main site for seven years now. I have reached a point, though, where it's getting a bit unwieldy. Piano tuning is simple on the face, but the closer you look the more complicated it gets. It is getting more difficult to cover the details while still meeting the original goal to provide a simple starting place.

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